Design MBA

Taking a Sabbatical - Ben Huggins (Design @ Retool)

Episode Summary

My guests today is Ben Huggins who is a Product Designer at Retool. Interview Video: In this episode, we discuss the following: - Why I am interviewing Ben Higgins? - Why take a career break as a designer? - Biggest fear when it comes to taking a career break - What do you need structure during a career break? - What to do during your time off? - What Jayneil Dalal learned from taking a sabbatical? - How to figure out what you want in your next design job? - Why you should not be a design manager? - Lessons learned from searching for a new design job - How to apply the concept of prototyping in your life? - Why you should have a full time job if you want to pursue side projects? - Advise for designers who are thinking about taking a sabbatical - How to explain a career break on your resume to a recruiter? For show notes, guest bio, and more, please visit:

Episode Notes

Ben Huggins is a Product Designer at Retool. He’s spent his career applying fresh thinking to stale problems and he’s gotten the chance to do this with concepts like software development at Retool, HR at Humu, TV at YouTube and thermostats at Nest. He also serves on the board for the graduate UX program at Bentley University and spends free time exploring the mountains of California with his partner and 1-year old son.