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Sweeping Floors to Building India's Best Design Studio - Anil Reddy (CEO @ Lollypop.Design)

Episode Summary

"Focus on talent and not the title". My guest today is Anil Reddy, founder and CEO of Lollypop.Design which is India's top digital design studio. In this episode, we discuss how Anil overcame insane adversities in the early years to pursue a career in design, leaving all the success and fame in New Zealand to move back to India, starting Lollypop, getting acquired by Terralogic and the importance of focusing on the talent over title. For show notes, guest bio, and more, please visit: To learn how to launch your design side hustle, please visit my blog: Connect with me on LinkedIn:

Episode Notes

Anil Reddy is an artist by heart, designer by soul and an entrepreneur by choice. Anil is the Founder and Design Director of Lollypop.Design, a research driven design studio that is restructuring the way consumers think about the digital experience. From two people working out of a garage, today, Lollypop is 130+ people strong with offices all over the world. Lollypop studio has impacted a billion lives via clients like Myntra, Swiggy etc. Lollypop  has garnered national and international recognition as well as awards.



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